Travel Vaccinations 

When travelling overseas there are often health risks you need to be aware of and protected against. Contracting a travel related disease could spoil your holiday and impact on your long term health and employment.

Below you will find important information on the Travel Clinics and Vaccination Prices offered at Acre Field Surgery.

We offer a comprehensive travel clinic service, customized to your individual itineraries using the most up to date research and disease tracking.

All travel consultations are booked with experienced nursing staff, who can assess your vaccine requirements and make recommendations based on a comprehensive risk assessment.

The travel advice and vaccinations received at Acre Field Surgery are carefully considered, so to acknowledge the impact of any pre-existing medical conditions, medications & other factors affecting your vaccine/travel requirements.

All patients are encouraged to attend with their vaccination record book or immunisation history wherever possible. This is particularly important for new patients & those arriving from abroad. Without this information, immunisation may be delayed and can in some instance mean repeating courses of vaccines and incurring the patient unnecessary costs.

The Acre Field Surgery holds in stock a full range of travel vaccinations and is a registered Yellow fever Vaccination Center.

Patients are entitled to a number of travel vaccinations free of charge from the practice as an NHS provider. Other vaccinations are charged at competitive rates. Listed below is our latest price list. Payment can be made by cash, cheque with a valid cheque guarantee card, credit or debit card.

Many patients will require malaria prophylaxis for travel abroad. Many of the drugs required for protection against malaria cannot be purchased over the counter at the chemist. For patients requiring a malaria prescription, an £15 private prescription charge is payable to the practice. This prescription is then taken to your preferred chemist where you will be required to pay to cover cost of the drugs. We can offer advice on competitive providers.

All travel appointments need to be booked in advance and require two routine appointments. Patients can book for a travel consultation within any practice nursing clinic. Please advise reception that you require a travel appointment, so they can arrange the longer appointment slot required for this service.

Most vaccinations take between 1 and 4 weeks to provide highest levels of immunity. It is therefore advised that you book your travel consultation at least 6-8 weeks prior to travel.  Last minute travellers should still book in to be seen as soon as possible, as late vaccination will start to provide some increasing protection throughout your trip.

Vaccination Costs

Surgery / NHS patient do not incur a cost (criteria must be fulfilled)

VaccineNo of DosesPrice Per Dose
Adult Hepatitis A (Havrix)2£45
Pae Hepatitis A (Vaqta)1£40
Typhoid (Typhim vi) / Viviotif1£35
Combined Hepatitis A & Typhoid (Hepatyrix)2£69
Paediatric Hepatitis B (Energix B)3£30
Adult Hepatitis B (Energix B)3£35
Paediatric Combined Hepatitis A&B – Twinrix3*£65
Adult Combined Hepatitis A&B Twinrix or ambrix3*£75
Fluenz – Chind nasal spray2£11.50
Pneumococcal (Pneumovax)1£30.00

Surgery / NHS patient will incur a cost at 10% discount

VaccineNo of DosesPrice Per Dose
Meningitis Acw&y (ACWY Vax)1£55
Yellow Fever (Stamaril)1£69
Tetanus Diphtheria & Polio (Revaxis)1£35
Cholera (Dukoral oral)2£49.00
HPV vaccine (Gardasil & Cervarix)3£120.00
Rotavirus (Rotarix)2£69.50
Japanese Encephalitis (Jap Enceph)/(IXIARO)2*£78 or £85
Adult Tick Borne Encephalitis (TicoVac)3*£59
Paediatric Tick Borne Encephalitis (TicoVac Junior)3*£54
Varicella (Varivax)2*£53.50

*On Request Vaccine, please give 7 days to order and required a deposit