Private Fees

Some services fall outside the NHS contract, and will attract a charge.

These include:

  • Passport application signing
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Insurance medicals and reports
  • Certificates of fitness
  • Private sickness certificates

The cost of these services is in line with British Medical Association guidance. Please refer see a sample list for guidance. For up to date costs contact the surgery.

Adoption Form£33.10
Medical Report£20 – £80
Claim Form£25.00
College Certificate£15.00
DNA/Cellmark test kit£40.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate/Letter£15 – £30
Fitness to Exercise£30 – £63
HGV Licence£60.00
Housing Report£30.00
International Certificate of Vaccination£24.36
Job Reference Letter£40.00
Nurse Private Consultation£40.00
Passport Counter Signature£15.00
Pre-Employment Report£80.00
Private Medical Certificate£18.00
School Medical Report£40 – £80
Shot Gun Licence Form/Certificate£50.00
Signing Photograph to confirm identity£15.00
Travel Cancellation Certificate for Holiday Insurance£30 – £63
Private sick note£30 – £63
Accident or sickness insurance certificate£30 – £63
Freedom from infection certificate£30 – £63
Validation of private medical insurance